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Top 10 destinations to visit in Quito.


On 20 March 2016, the well-known traveler’s portal Traveler Guides published the list with the top 10 destinations to visit in Quito and offer a diverse range of activities that can be carried out in the ‘Carita de Dios’.

Among the main options are the Ilaló Volcano, El Panecillo, La Capilla del Hombre, Vulqano Park, among others. Places to enjoy Ecuadorian gastronomy and nightlife centers are also included in the list.


Ilaló Volcano

Located in the valley of Tumbaco, half an hour from Quito, Ilaló is an inactive volcano that shows its relative volcanic activity through thermal springs, which translates into hydrotherapy and recreation centers such as the spas El Tingo, La Merced And Cununyacu. The site also offers guided tours or treks from Tumbaco to the Cross located at the top of the hill. Bird watching, cycling and camping are other activities that the place offers.


 Aluminum statue of the Virgin of El Panecillo in QuitoEl Panecillo

At 3 000 meters above sea level is one of the places of reference of the capital of Ecuador: El Panecillo. Because of its location,
the place stands out as the main viewpoint of Q

uito. The main attraction is the famous Virgin of Quito, built by the Spanish Agustín de la Herran Matorras. Inside the structure there is a museum that can be visited to know the history of how the religious figure was built, composed of 7 000 pieces of aluminum.


Plaza de la Independencia

Located in the Historic Center of Quito, Plaza de la Independencia or also called Plaza Grande is the historical landmark of the capital, because the surrounding area is the Carondelet Palace, the Metropolitan Cathedral, the Palace Archbishop and the Municipal Palace. In the surroundings of the square you can find handicraft shops, cafes, restaurants with typical Ecuadorian food, traditional barber shops, among others. Older adults who meet to chat in the pews of the square are a sample of the dynamics of Quito life that is developed on the site, according to the portal Quito Adventure.


Hasta la Vuelta Restaurant Señor

Located in Plaza Grande, Hasta la Vuelta Señor restaurant is a gastronomic option to enjoy the culinary traditions of Quito and Ecuador. The place offers typical dishes like Dry Goat, Fritada, Baked turkey, among others. Its main place is in the Archbishop’s Palace and the date of its opening dates from 2003. Ampliar The restaurant Hasta la Vuelta Señor is located in the interiors of the Archbishop’s Palace.


Bungalow 6 Nightlife centers

Also stand out in the list prepared by Traveler Guides on activities that can be done and visited in Quito. Club Bungalow 6 stands out as a benchmark of the capital’s nightlife. Founded in 2006 the discotheque, located in the Diego de Almagro and Calama, offers a pleasant atmosphere to share among friends. Its famous drink is the fish tank, a secret mixture of liquors, characteristic of place. Ampliar The nightclub welcomes visitors from Wednesday to Saturday, from 20:00.


Chapel of the Man MuseumPanoramic view of the chapel man of quito

The top work of the Ecuadorian painter Oswaldo Guayasamín was reflected in the construction of the Art Museum Capilla del
Hombre. The place was inaugurated on November 29, 2002 and is located next to the residence of Guayasamín in the last years of its life, that is to say, Calle Mariano Calvache and Lorenzo Chávez, Bellavista sector. The museum offers the tourist the exhibition of pre-Columbian archaeological pieces, collections of objects from the colonial period and, above all, the complete exhibition of the works of the plastic artist classified in themes dedicated to anger, pain, protest, among others. Enlarge The work The Chapel of Man is the main effort of the painter Oswaldo Guayasamín.


VulQano Park

The largest amusement park in Ecuador, according to the site’s website, is located in Quito and is called VulQano Park. At 3 000 meters high the place offers the visitor 28 games for the whole family. It is open 365 days a year. Since 2005 the amusement park is present in the foothills of the Pichincha volcano. Its main attraction, the cable car, allows the user to ascend to the sector of Cruz Loma, allowing the user a complete view of the capital. Enlarge The amusement park offers visitors more than 28 games. Admission is free.


Pure gold interior of La Compañia church in QuitoChurck of  La Compañía de Jesus

Religious art can not be left out of the tourist preferences offered by Quito to its visitors. Its construction dates from the first years of the Colony and the arrival of the Jesuit order to Ecuador, at that time Audiencia of Quito. The temple is considered a jewel of Ibero-American baroque. The distinction is due, among other things, for its facade built all of gray stone of volcanic origin. On the other hand, the works of art are another reason for the delight of the visitors. The temple conserves sculptures of the colonial school of Quito and the style of teachers like Bernardo de Legarda.


City Middle of the WorldEquatorial monument of Middle of the world

A must stop for visitors and tourists who come to Quito is the City of the World. This tourist attraction invites to know the culture and ancestry of Ecuador with offers ranging from gastronomy to the traditional rites of the main cultures that inhabit the country. The site has a planetarium, an ethnographic museum, a pavilion dedicated to the French geodesic mission, whose work was recognized by the local authorities in the equatorial monument City Mitad del Mundo, more than 30 meters high. In addition to this, there are spaces dedicated to artistic and musical events recurring in the place.


La Carolina Park

Finally, the most central park of the capital also stands out in the list of Traveler Guides. Located in the financial and business sector of the city, the park is characterized by providing green spaces for all types of activities such as athletics, cycling, hiking and extreme sports. It was inaugurated in 1976 and among its main attractions are the Botanical Garden, the Vivarium, the Nautical Park, among others.


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