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Why Ecuadorian food taste so good?

Ecuador is a gastronomic adventure, plenty of varied dishes from the different parts of the country: the Andes, the coast, Amazon and all the different cultures. As it is a diverse country, food is also very rich, with spicy and authentic flavors for the adventurous foodies, and typical dishes for the fans of hand made cuisine. The country is recognized for its tremendous exotic fruits, high quality seafood and numerous kinds of potatoes in the Andes.

The country’s cuisine changes from region to region. People from the coast like beans, fish and plantains, whereas the mountainous regions like white hominy mote, corn, quinoa, avocado, and chili peppers. Vegetables are present in different forms. Especially it is accompanied with rice, cassava, peanut or roasted sauce. Among the exotic dishes is the cuy, which is usually eaten roasted in the celebrations of certain Andean parts of the country.


The cevichocho has become one of the most popular dishes of Quito in recent years. A portion of crabs, pickle, tomato toy and some extra trimmings such as chifles, toast, chorizo, fritada, shrimp ceviche, tuna and infallible chili. The versatility in the preparation of this dish made it possible to find several places in the city. In La Carolina park, for example, in the middle of the morning, it is natural to see clerks, students or even mothers eating this dish.


Ibarra city is home to the Ecuadorian tradition of helado de paila – this unique ice-cream and sorbet-making technique involved manually stirring a mixture of fruit juice, sugar, water, in a huge copper bowl over a wooden basin filled with straw, ice and salt. When you visit Ibarra, you can taste this delight in different ice cream shops of the city, the same ones that offer this sweet in different flavors such as the traditional milk and blackberry, chocolate, taxo, mandarin, among others.


The Canelazo is a hot alcoholic beverage consumed in the mountainous areas of Ecuador.
It usually consists of brandy, sugar or panela, and cinnamon water. It is traditionally made of artisanal brandy, but now it is made of bottled alcohol as well. There are many variations of the recipe. It is often made with juice (usually orange juice, but also lemon juice) Sometimes clove is added or alcohol is omitted.


The llapingachos are a typical dish from the central Andean region of Ecuador and southern Colombia. This dish is an important part of the culture of Ecuador, and is one of the most representative of mountain food. Basically they are roasted tortillas, made from boiled potatoes or yucca, crushed. The llapingachos can be served with sausage, fried egg, roast beef, onions, rice and avocado. In the southern part of Ecuador it is served with roast pork, as well as in several cities in the Andean region.


The traditional Ecuadorian wind empanadas are delicious fried wheat flour empanadas that carry a cheese filling and are served sprinkled with sugar. The combination of melted cheese and crispy fried dough sprinkled with sugar is delicious. Viento means “wind” or “air” in Spanish, and these empanadas are soft, doughy and delicious.  They are also called empanadas de viento because traditionally the filling is nothing but a smidgen of cheese, and the rest is just “viento” or wind!


The Fanesca in a traditional dish full of mysticism by all the beliefs that accompany the preparation. They say that this dish is made with twelve grains representing the apostles and tribes of Israel and that cod symbolizes Jesus Christ, too, relate the ingredients with different characters of the Catholic faith. The fanesca is a stew based on sweet grains and dry fish that is prepared in Ecuador during Lent, Good Friday is the day of greatest consumption.


The locro de papas is a dish that has traveled through time, an ancestral dish, which has been added ingredients adopted from the old world as onion, milk and cheese, but in its essence is still the thick stew of Potatoes that the Aymaras prepared and then the Incas. They also sometimes put corn, charqui (dried meat) or pumpkin and always, chili.


Ecuadorian main meals, especially at lunch or almuerzo time, usually consist of meat, poultry or seafood with side dishes of rice and/or potatoes, a small salad, plantains (ripe or green), and some hot sauce on the side. Main meals in Ecuador vary depending on the region; you will find a lot of seafood and plantain dishes in the coastal cities and more beef, pork and chicken main dishes in the highlands of Ecuador.


The pork or pork fry is another delicious dish typical of Ecuador. Do not be confused by the name, it is not a fried meat dish. Pork is cooked in plenty of water and orange juice with cumin, garlic, onion, salt and pepper until the water has been consumed and the meat begins to brown in its own fat.

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