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Crystal clear waters and stunning white sandy beaches


Located west of the country, His Provinces have very attractive beaches and resorts for tourists. Guayas (Guayaquil), Esmeraldas, Manabí, (Portoviejo), Los Rios (Babahoyo) and El Oro (Machala). On the region is grown products of exports such as bananas, coffee, cocoa, rice, soybeans, sugar cane, cotton, fruits and other tropical crops designed to meet market demand.

The Ecuador Coast has everything a beach lover looks for. Surf, sun and sand. And with a variety of beach towns and cities to choose from, a dream vacation or a dream home could be waiting for you.


The coast offers beautiful landscapes with extraordinary beaches, clear sands and bright sun, which allow the tourist to enjoy a pleasant climate, water sports, fishing and all kinds of entertainment in comfortable hotels.



Santo Domingo

Los Rios


Santa Elena

El Oro

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