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The world’s largest remaining tropical rainforest


In this region is the most biodiverse tropical humid forest on the planet: the Yasuní National Park (982,000 hectares), which occupies three provinces: Orellana, Pastaza and Napo. Only one hectare of these Amazonian forests has 650 species of trees, more than all Canada and the United States together.

In the Amazon, more than 20% of the total vascularized plant species in the world are housed. In this jungle live fantastic animals such as a monkey so small that fits on a finger, a toad that weighs eight pounds, a spider that eats birds, and the largest snake in the world: the anaconda, which can measure almost 10 meters. Also, that is 3 thousand of the 20 thousand registered, they have been found in the Amazon.

The Ecuadorian Amazon offers a wide range of activities including swimming, canoe journeys, rain forest walks, bird watching, animal spotting and visits to local jungle communities.

The Amazon also has some of the finest white water rafting routes in the country.





Morona Santiago

Zamora Chinchipe

500 species of birds
62 species of snakes
More than 100 types of mammals and a wide variety of freshwater fish.

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